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Heliophysics I: "Plasma physics of the local cosmos"


Chapter Title


Problem Sets

1 Prologue

Carolus J. Schrijver and George L. Siscoe

2 Introduction to heliophysics Thomas J. Bogdan  
3 Creation and destruction of magnetic field Matthias Rempel Homework: Rempel 2012
4 Magnetic field topology Dana W. Longcope  
5 Magnetic reconnection Terry G. Forbes

Homework: Forbes, 2010

Homework: Bhattacharjee, 2012

6 Structures of the magnetic field Mark B. Moldwin, George Siscoe, and Carolus J. Schrijver  
7 Turbulence in space plasmas Charles W. Smith Homework: Chandran, 2012
8 The solar atmosphere Viggo H. Hansteen  
9 Stellar winds and magnetic fields Viggo H. Hansteen  
10 Fundamentals of planetary magnetospheres Vytenis M. Vasyliunas

Homework: Vasyliunas, 2010

Homework: Dorelli, 2012

11 Solar-wind magnetosphere coupling: an MHD perspective Frank R. Toffoletto and George L. Siscoe Homework: Shprits, 2012
12 On the ionosphere and chromosphere Tim J. Fuller-Rowell and Carolus J. Schrijver

Homework: Sojka 2011

Homework: Judge, 2012

13 Comparative planetary environments Frances Bagenal Homework: Bagenal 2011
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Heliophysics II: "Space storms and radiation: causes and effects"


Chapter Title


Problem Sets

1 Perspective on heliophysics George L. Siscoe and Carolus J. Schrijver  
2 Introduction: space storms and radiation Sten Odenwald  
3 In situ detection of energetic particles George Gloeckler Homework: Klumpar 2010
4 Radiative signatures of energetic particles Tim Bastian Homework: Bastian 2010
5 Observations of solar and stellar eruptions, flares, and jets Hugh Hudson  
6 Models of coronal mass ejections and flares Terry Forbes Homework: Forbes 2010
7 Shocks in heliophysics Merav Opher

Homework: Opher 2010

Homework: Longcope, 2012

8 Particle acceleration in shocks Dietmar Krauss-Varban Homework: Lee 2010
9 Energetic particle transport Joe Giacalone Homework: Jokipii 2009
10 Energy conversion in planetary magnetospheres Vytenis Vasyliunas Homework: Donovan, 2012
11 Energization of trapped particles Janet Green Homework: Liemohn 2010
12 Flares, CMEs, and atmospheric responses Timothy Fuller-Rowell and Stanley C. Solomon
13 Energetic particles and manned spaceflight Stephen Guetersloh and Neal Zapp  
14 Energetic particles and technology Alan Tribble  
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Heliophysics III: "Evolving solar activity and the climates of space and Earth"


Chapter Title


Problem Sets

1 Interconnectedness in heliophysics Carolus J. Schrijver and George L. Siscoe  
2 Long-term evolution of magnetic activity of Sun-like stars Carolus J. Schrijver  
3 Formation and early evolution of stars and protoplanetary disks Lee W. Hartmann  
4 Planetary habitability on astronomical time scales Donald E. Brownlee Homework: Bagenal 2011
5 Solar internal flows and dynamo action Mark S. Miesch Homework: Miesch 2011
6 Modeling solar and stellar dynamos Paul Charbonneau  
7 Planetary fields and dynamos Ulrich R. Christensen  
8 The structure and evolution of the three-dimensional solar wind John T. Gosling

Homework: Jokipii 2011

Homework: Kasper, 2012

9 The heliosphere and cosmic rays J. R. Jokipii  
10 Solar spectral irradiance: measurements and models Judith L. Lean and Thomas N. Woods  
11 Astrophysical influences on planetary climate systems Jurg Beer  
12 Assessing the Sun–climate relationship in paleoclimate records Thomas J. Crowley  
13 Ionospheres of the terrestrial planets Stanley C. Solomon  
14 Long-term evolution of the geospace climate Jan J. Sojka  
15 Waves and transport processes in atmospheres and oceans Richard L. Walterscheid  
16 Solar variability, climate, and atmospheric photochemistry Guy P. Brasseur,Daniel Marsch, and Huke Schmidt  
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