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2015 Faculty & Participants

Heliophysics Summer School: Year 9


Heliophysics Summer School Faculty

Nick Achilleos
University College London
Bill Lotko
Dartmouth College
Tom Ayres
CU-Boulder, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Janet Luhmann
Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley
Frances Bagenal [Leader]
University of Colorado/LASP/APS)
Mark Moldwin
University of Michigan
Daniel Baker
CU-Boulder, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Andres Munoz
Solar Physics at Montana State University
John Foster
Haystack Observatory
Karel Schrijver [Leader]
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center
Sarah Gibson
NCAR High Altitude Observatory (HAO)
Jan Sojka [Leader]
Utah State University
Gary Glatzmaier
Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
Stan Solomon
NCAR High Altitude Observatory (HAO)
Nicholas Gross
Boston University
Harry Warren
U.S. Naval Research Lab
Mona Kessel
NASA Headquarters


Heliophysics Summer School 2014 Participating Teachers

To be announced early in April, 2015


Heliophysics Summer School Participants

Participants wil be announced early in April, 2015


NASA Living With a Star Institute

Solar FlareCall for Proposals

Deadline: 1 June

Solar FlareSolar videos of the Sun

Raining Fire, Birth of a Star, Echoes of Light, more . . .

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Heliophysics Summer School

Heliophysics Summer School

Deadline: 27 February
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