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2012 Lectures

Heliophysics Summer School: Year 6

Heliophysical Exploration


Updated August 15, 2012
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Lecture Material

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Lab I: Investigating the Magnetosphere

Lab II: The Dynamic Magnetosphere

Lab III: Solar Activity

Lab IV: Exploring the Structure of the Solar Wind

Lab V

Daniel Baker
University of Colorado, Boulder

An Overview of Heliophysical Exploration

Baker Video

Amitava Bhattacharjee
University of New Hampshire

Basic Plasma Concepts and Models

Bhattacharjee Video

Magnetic Reconnection
Volume I (Chapters 4, 5), Volume II (Chapters 5, 6)


David Boteler
Natural Resources Canada

The Impact of Space Weather on the Electric Power Grid


Benjamin Chandran
University of New Hampshire

Introduction to Turbulence and Heating in the Solar Wind
Volume I (Chapter 7)

Eric Donovan
University of Calgary

The Substorm: An Introduction to the Topic in the THEMIS Era


The Substorm
Volume II (Chapters 10, 12)

John Dorelli
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Earth’s Magnetosphere (Solar wind-Magnetosphere Coupling)
Volume 1 (Chapters 10, 11)

Dorelli Video

Kevin Forbes
Catholic University

Establishing the Economic Impacts of Space Weather (Draft 5/21/12)

Establishing the Economic Impacts of Space Weather:
The Case of Electricity


Nicholas Gross
Boston University

Investigating the Magnetosphere

Solar Activity, Observations

Philip Judge

Physics of the Solar Chromosphere
Volume I (Chapter 12)


Justin Kasper
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

The Solar Wind
Volume III (Chapter 8)


Dana Longcope
Montana State University

Shocks in Heliophysics
Volume II (Chapters 7, 8)


Sten Odenwald
National Institute for Aerospace

Space Weather – Impacts, Mitigation and Forecasting

Space Weather and it's Societal Impacts


Sten Odenwald/Karel Schrijver

Space Weather and it's Economic Impact


Karel Schrijver
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center

The Solar Atmosphere
Volume III (Chapter 2), Volume II (Chapters 5, 6)


Yuri Shprits
University of California, Los Angeles

Radiation Belts
Volume II (Chapter 11)


Jan Sojka
Utah State University

The Ionosphere
Volume I (Chapter 12), Volume III (Chapter 13)



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